CPRIT awards more than $2 million in research funding to UTSW kidney cancer investigators

February 22, 2022
AI-Data Science, Technology Development, Research
Satwik Rajaram, Ph.D.
Thomas Carroll, Ph.D.

Two UTSW Kidney Cancer Program investigators were awarded $2.2 million in academic research funding from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPIRT).

Thomas Carroll, Ph.D., received $1,040,229 to study the underlying mechanisms of sarcomatoid differentiation in renal cell carcinoma. Satwik Rajaram, Ph.D., was awarded $1,172,136 to dissect intratumor heterogeneity in kidney cancer using deep learning AI (artificial intelligence).

In total, CPRIT awarded 74 cancer research and prevention grants, of which 65 were for academic research being conducted at 10 institutions. Among the 65 investigators awarded, 16 were from UTSW, garnering more than $17 million in combined research funding.  

Dr. Satwik’s award was one of only three academic research grants bestowed for computational systems biology, spotlighting UTSW’s efforts on behalf of kidney cancer in this area. PRESS RELEASE